Forest Admin

You could see our demo admin with:
Username: demo
Password: demo

Forest Settings page:

General settings



  • Background: Upload your Background image
  • Darkness level: Use to make your background darker. Enter only number for darkness percent (Ex: 20 (for 20% darkness))
  • Main color: Choose highlight color scheme (Leave blank to use wp default profile color)

Font Settings


  • Menu font: Choose Font for left admin menu sidebar
  • Content font: Choose font for all admin content

Quick Panel settings


  • Enable Quick Panel: Choose to enable or not use Quick Panel
  • Use Default Buttons: Choose to use Quick Panel default buttons or Use only your widgets
  • Panel Text Color: Choose Panel’s text color
  • Panel Background Color: Choose background color & opacity (Default is FFFFFF | 80%)

Login Settings


  • Login logo: Upload your login logo image
  • Logo size: Enter your logo width and height
  • Login Background: Upload your login background image, if not, it’ll use admin background for login screen

WordPress Settings


  • Hide Elements: Choose to hide elements you want to hide
  • Custom Footer Text: Enter your own admin footer text

Other Settings


  • Turn off Font Awesome: Turn off loading plugin’s Font Awesome. Check if your theme has already loaded this library
  • Custom Admin CSS: Enter your custom admin CSS